International Print Exchange @Green Door Printmaking Studio

Another mini print exchange that I came across which I thought would be cool to enter. The green door printmaking studio in Derby England have been running an international print exchange for several years and is well established. The rules for the print were pretty simple, an edition of 10 prints on a paper size that is no bigger than 14cm by 14cm and a image size which is no bigger than 10cm by 10cm printed with a 2cm gap between the image and the edge on a recognised printing paper.

Using the design that I used for the ARTspace mini print exchange (Reach: ‘ Lovell Telescope’ see last blog) I decided to experiment on some changes and iron out some of the things which I felt needed addressing for when I do a much bigger version. This included changing the look and feel of several of the layers. I changed the background so that it became simpler and more pixelated, which was great when layering the colours on top of each other, I also completely reworked the detail (key) layer and reverted to a ‘stamp’ like image rather than a halftone image. The final print was much cleaner and simpler and I got some interesting results with the colours I used. I really wanted to create the illusion of a sunset. The print is called  Reach: ‘ Lovell Telescope’ pt2 and it is a continuation of the Lovell telescope series. A little boring I know, but I’ve always tried to keep naming pieces of work fairly simple as I don’t believe in complicating my work with ‘artspeak’. Anyway as always a few images of the print and its working progress in the gallery below enjoy!

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