‘wheelfield’ screenprint @Green Pea Press Print Exchange June 2014

So recently, I have contributed an edition of work to the green pea press print exchange (Alabama US). I am finding the exchanges that I have entered a great way to try out some new ideas and things that have been in the back of my mind for a while. The theme for the exchange was green, and quite quickly I fitted this to an idea.

‘wheelfield’ is a screen-print which similar my tulip series. It is based on aerial images of fields that are centrally irrigated. These when flying above these fields (you may notice them when you are in a plane flying over a hot country) you will notice how round and geometric they seem to be, and how much greener they tend to be from the surrounding area.

My design is particularly geometric and deliberately has an optical effect that draws your attention and messes with your perception a little. In a way it is a tribute to some of the first screen-prints I ever made, when I had an interest in op art.

Designing this image, I had produced four different designs for the final layer of the print (the black circles) I wanted to see which design looked best in the proofs that I made. I also played around with the colours whist proofing, using colours, which reflected the theme. I printed a few different variations of colour, trying to work on getting the greens to fade in to a more yellowish/green colour. Once I was happy with the colours I had mixed, I printed my edition on fabriano tiepolo paper (size 17.5cm*17.5cm).

The edition was eight prints for the main design for the exchange, but I also printed three smaller editions of four with the excess prints I had made using the other designs, which I did not use for the main print.


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