Summer 2015: Deckchairs@ RHS flower show Tatton Park.

It has been a quiet summer for me printmaking wise, due to a sporting accident that led to surgery on my thumb. Very frustrating as it has hampered my ability to do as much printmaking as I would have liked.

One project I worked on alongside fellow colleagues from the school of art in Manchester was to create a unique deckchair design (using old disused deckchairs) for a display at the RHS flower show at Tatton Park.

I decided in my usual manner to go for something, which would ‘stand out’ which meant bold, bright and vibrant! Using a basic pattern repeated, i printed a bright red fluro ink fading in to lighter tones on to a heavy canvas, which i then attached to the deckchair frame. Check out the pics below!

a couple of links with some more info about MMU school of art @The RHS flower show.

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