International Print Exchange 2018 and New York screen-print

After spending most of the summer on crutches and away from the print workshop, I got back in to the workshop in time to do a print for the annual International print exchange (IPE) run by the Greendoor print workshops in Derby. This is now the 5th time I have entered a print in to this exchange.

The print I entered was a cross section of a larger print I had completed at the beginning of the year called New York #5. New York #5 was a print I had played around with to enter the RA summer show exhibition (unfortunately, It did not make the final cut). It is a large screen-print, roughly about A1 size with 9 layers of colour. I have printed one main edition (25) and several colour variations in two print editions. It was a lot of fun printing a cityscape, the first one I have done in a long time.

The fun part about the IPE is always getting the prints that have been sent to you through the post and opening it up to see what you have received. This year there were 236 artists involved from 22 countries. I received prints from Japan, Poland, India, USA and the UK.


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