print of London commission

If you want to capture a scene that is special to you, Michael will work from your photograph or description and will use his distinctive style to produce a bold, captivating piece of original artwork for you.

How to commission  your own unique piece of artwork:

1. Talk to Michael- Contact Michael to express an interest in commissioning a piece of artwork. (If you have a photograph in mind then email this to him). Michael will discuss your choices such as size and colours etc so he can build an accurate quote for you

2. Receive a Quote and how long it will take (expect up to 3 weeks for turn around time)

3. Give Michael the go ahead (You will need to pay a 50% deposit online via secure paypal)

4. Get sent regular updates and images of how your piece is progressing

5. Enjoy your unique piece of artwork!

Prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of your piece and optional extras such as framing. Prices start from £500 with an average cost of £1,200 for larger more complex pieces.

“I gave Michael a photograph I had taken of the view across the Thames, near Tower Bridge area where we live in London. I wanted a unique piece of art for my boyfriend’s birthday and I was so thrilled with the result! I told Michael what sort of colours I’d like (as it was to hang in our living room) and then left the rest to him! He kept me informed throughout the process and sent me images as the piece progressed – It was so exciting seeing the work come to life like that and my boyfriend loved such a personal and unique present!”  Clare B, London 

The Process:

Michael starts by taking your photograph (if you have one) and re-drawing it on the computer. He breaks the image down into different layers – each layer will make up a single colour and Michael will spend at least 12 hours painstakingly re-drawing your image into as many as 20 different layers of the shapes that will make up your single image


Next Michael takes this image and the prints the image digitally to create a positive. The positive is then used to expose the image on to a screen using a UV sensitive emulsion. Each ‘screen’ allows Michael to print a different colour which builds up the image.


Finally Michael will begin printing by hand, using water based inks and carefully registering each layer as the image is built up. This process can take a few days as each layer of colour is left to dry before the next colour is carefully applied by aligning a new screen.


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