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Wedding 2017

I didn’t blog at all last year, I guess in the craziness that was 2017 it slipped my mind.

I apologise now for the long post.

Wedding stuff

The vast majority of my creative output was directed towards my wedding, which had a very personal/home made feel about it.

One of the things I spent a lot of time doing was making the decorations for the village hall we had rented. The decorations that I made were several simple origami designs which involved creating a Constantine like model which was sewed together to create a ball like product.

To create lots of different variations I screen-printing different colours and patterns on to pieces of heavy cartridge paper before I then scored, punched, creased, folded and then finally sewed/glued the pieces to finish the product.

Although simple it was a very time consuming process and over about 4/5 months I made about 600 pieces of varying shapes sizes and colours (with a little help from my mum and a few work colleagues).

The end result was better than I could have imagined. I strung them up alongside fairy lights, criss-crossed across and around the hall to create a really special environment which I though looked super cool, and helped finish the hall off in a unique and personal way.

There were other personalised touches such as the table names which were animals which had significant meaning to me and my wife. My friend David Bunn drew illustrations of these animals which were then turned into screen-prints for table plan, table cards and thank you cards. All aspects of our wedding stationary from the save the dates, to the menus to the name place cards were designed by my wife and then screen-printed by myself to give it that handmade touch and continuity in style and look.




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Grosvenor Museum Chester 11th Open Art Exhibition

Just a quick one, I have been successful in getting two screen-prints ‘Firemountain’ and a new piece ‘Kilimanjaro’ in to an open art exhibition at the Grosvenor Museum Chester. The show is running until the 17th of June and having visited it already, I can recommend that if you are in Chester it would defiantly be worth popping in to see. There is an interesting mixture of mediums and styles on show. For more info visit the info page here.

Below: Me having a a nosy at my ‘firemountain’ print.


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‘wheelfield’ screenprint @Green Pea Press Print Exchange June 2014

So recently, I have contributed an edition of work to the green pea press print exchange (Alabama US). I am finding the exchanges that I have entered a great way to try out some new ideas and things that have been in the back of my mind for a while. The theme for the exchange was green, and quite quickly I fitted this to an idea.

‘wheelfield’ is a screen-print which similar my tulip series. It is based on aerial images of fields that are centrally irrigated. These when flying above these fields (you may notice them when you are in a plane flying over a hot country) you will notice how round and geometric they seem to be, and how much greener they tend to be from the surrounding area.

My design is particularly geometric and deliberately has an optical effect that draws your attention and messes with your perception a little. In a way it is a tribute to some of the first screen-prints I ever made, when I had an interest in op art.

Designing this image, I had produced four different designs for the final layer of the print (the black circles) I wanted to see which design looked best in the proofs that I made. I also played around with the colours whist proofing, using colours, which reflected the theme. I printed a few different variations of colour, trying to work on getting the greens to fade in to a more yellowish/green colour. Once I was happy with the colours I had mixed, I printed my edition on fabriano tiepolo paper (size 17.5cm*17.5cm).

The edition was eight prints for the main design for the exchange, but I also printed three smaller editions of four with the excess prints I had made using the other designs, which I did not use for the main print.


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Firemountain screen-print feb/march 2014.

Background: A few years ago, I travelled to Namibia for a few weeks for one of those holidays that you will never forget. Namibia is full of amazing scenery landscapes and people. During our travels (we toured around the whole country), we drove in to the middle of nowhere to do some ‘wild’ camping at the base of the famous Brandberg Mountain. If you look of google maps at the aerial view of the Brandberg, you will understand why it is so interesting. It sticks out of the flat desert plains like a barnacle sticks of the back of a mussel shell.

It really is an impressive mountain especially when we were driving up to it, and even more so in the evening when the sunset and the light glowed and reflected of the red sandy coloured rocks giving the mountain an exaggerated orangey red colour and the sky tinges of oranges reds and pinks. The sky is something else, which is extremely beautiful in Namibia in the evenings, with there being virtually no light pollution; the clear night sky becomes a Christmas tree of twinkling stars.

Since this holiday, I have only done one piece of work based on the pictures of this trip (above and below – quiver tree 2012). The pictures I had of the Brandberg and landscape was perfect for what I wanted to achieve. Landscape is always been something that has interested me, but when it has come to screen-printing it has been something I have neglected, for some reason I have always chosen to do cityscapes rather than landscape. In the past when I did a lot, more painting it was the other way round, I preferred to paint the landscape.

Getting down to business for this print was easy, the design process was painless and I did not have too many problems coming up with my design and layers. I knew that this image would have a massive emphasis on the sky with most of the image using the gradient effect of that I have come to use to depict the sky. I wanted the colours to reflect the clear nights that we encountered, but also to help blend it in to the glowing red of the mountains. The mountains were composed of several layers built up on top of each other, the selection of colour, the mixing of colour was particularly important, and I wanted to exaggerate the reds and oranges to give a bold and vibrant feature at the bottom of the print. The stars I added were an afterthought, but were important as it reinforced the memories that I have of this particular place.

This print has taken over the beginning part of my year. Other projects that I have on the go have been put on hold whilst I have completed it. I haven’t printed too many images or variations neither, just a couple of small editions.


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