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Tulip 3 screenprint

Some images of my latest screen-prints ‘Tulip’, part of a series I started back in 2008. I had always intended to complete 3 variations, the 3rd image in this series has taken a lot longer than anticipated but I’m nearly there.
This screen-print has 6 layers of colour, the design is fairly simple with lots of the layers deliberately overlapping each other to mix and produce varied and vibrant colour schemes.

I’m aiming to print 20 variations of this image. When doing a series like this I never print what people would tend to refer to as a traditional edition i.e. repeating the same image/colours for how ever many prints. I prefer printing as many variations as I can, I like to experiment with colour and see what interesting results I get. That’s not to say everything works, quite often it doesn’t and the print will be scrapped or restarted.

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