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Wedding 2017

I didn’t blog at all last year, I guess in the craziness that was 2017 it slipped my mind.

I apologise now for the long post.

Wedding stuff

The vast majority of my creative output was directed towards my wedding, which had a very personal/home made feel about it.

One of the things I spent a lot of time doing was making the decorations for the village hall we had rented. The decorations that I made were several simple origami designs which involved creating a Constantine like model which was sewed together to create a ball like product.

To create lots of different variations I screen-printing different colours and patterns on to pieces of heavy cartridge paper before I then scored, punched, creased, folded and then finally sewed/glued the pieces to finish the product.

Although simple it was a very time consuming process and over about 4/5 months I made about 600 pieces of varying shapes sizes and colours (with a little help from my mum and a few work colleagues).

The end result was better than I could have imagined. I strung them up alongside fairy lights, criss-crossed across and around the hall to create a really special environment which I though looked super cool, and helped finish the hall off in a unique and personal way.

There were other personalised touches such as the table names which were animals which had significant meaning to me and my wife. My friend David Bunn drew illustrations of these animals which were then turned into screen-prints for table plan, table cards and thank you cards. All aspects of our wedding stationary from the save the dates, to the menus to the name place cards were designed by my wife and then screen-printed by myself to give it that handmade touch and continuity in style and look.




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Autumn Update: Mini Print Exhibition update, new Lovell prints and new works!

I’ve been very quiet on my updates recently so here a new blog on what I’ve been up to and what’s on the cards in the next few months.

Over the summer there were 2 mini print exchange exhibitions that I have entered prints into. The exhibitions have been up and running, one at ARTspace in Ontario Canada, and another at the Greendoor printmakers in Derby England. Judging by the photo albums I have seen on facebook (artspace1 artspace2 green door1) they have been a success and I hope to get down to the one in Derby before it closes. Even more excitingly I have received my print box sets back for both. I was really pleased to receive a selection of different types of prints which have been printed in a variety of methods and styles.

The mini prints that I did were always intended to be the foundation for a larger print. I have completed two variations each in an edition of 10. I completed these over the September/October period and after playing around with some colours and a few of the layers I settled on 2 colour schemes that I liked. I added a few extra layers to the sky to build up the ‘noise’ and to knock back some of the brighter colours. ¬†I had also adjusted some of the tonal layers to be more pixelated and grainy.

It is possible that I will revisit the Lovell image at a later date and do some even larger versions in a small series of colour variations but for now I feel like I’ve worked enough on it. I have since completing these screen-prints been working on an old painting which is coming along nicely. The painting is in the ‘line’ style of two previous paintings which I have completed and will hopefully complete the trilogy. I have refined the masking tape method over time and I reckon this painting will only take me an 100hours or so of work ūüôā it is a labour of love, it’s satisfying getting very crisp lines and seeing all of the colours work together in harmony.

Another image I have been working on in my quiet times is another screen-print of a morning sunrise over Runcorn bridge. For now this project is called ‘the bridge’ and layer design is going to make it a very bold and moody piece, I haven’t yet proofed the layers but it’s going to be a lot simpler than a lot of the other screen-prints that i have done, and is going to involve building up the colours with halftones layers, I will keep you posted with some images when I have them!

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Tulip 3 screenprint

Some images of my latest screen-prints ‘Tulip’, part of a series I started back in 2008. I had always intended to complete 3 variations, the 3rd image in this series has taken a lot longer than anticipated but I’m nearly there.
This screen-print has 6 layers of colour, the design is fairly simple with lots of the layers deliberately overlapping each other to mix and produce varied and vibrant colour schemes.

I’m aiming to print 20 variations of this image. When doing a series like this I never print what people would tend to refer to as a traditional edition i.e.¬†repeating the same image/colours for¬†how ever many prints.¬†I prefer printing as many variations as I can, I like¬†to experiment with colour and see what interesting results I get. That’s not to say everything works, quite often¬†it doesn’t and the¬†print will be scrapped or restarted.

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