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new york linocut print (2013)

Over the last year or so, I have developed a greater interest in lino and woodcut printmaking.  The great thing about lino and woodcuts is that you can work on them anywhere anytime, as long you as you have a few basic tools, a piece of lino or wood and the patience to sit there and cut away! One print I have been working on recently in my spare time is a linocut of New York.  

A few years ago at the Whitworth art gallery in Manchester there was an exhibition called ‘the American scene’. One of the many excellent prints in this exhibition was a lithograph by artist Louis Lozowick called ‘new york’ (1925). New York has been the subject for several series of screen-prints I have completed in the past, but the monochrome geometric style of Lozowicks print gave me the inspiration to print an image which was much simpler and much more striking.

There is something quite satisfying gauging away at a lino or woodcut. The image I printed was fairly small (28.5cm*18cm) and was printed on to white 300g snowdon cartridge (a3 size) using a Columbian direct press. I printed a small edition of 15 prints, if anybody is interested in buying one, they can contact me by emailing mike1gh@hotmail.com

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